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Diversity is of vital importance to our national and international systems

The issue diversity and individuality is the central challenge facing organisations, governments and society as a whole - now and in the future. We portray the relevance of Diversity on three levels:

  • The World We Live In
  • Diversity is a Necessity
  • Diversity is beneficial

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The events of September 11th and thereafter show how a negative or ineffective approach towards people’s differences can have extreme consequences.

Both Globalisation and European integration are developing at a rapid pace. The balance of world political powers shift on a continual basis. Which crisis remains a local or regional event in this day and age? In Germany and Europe, political and societal debates are influenced more and more by people’s differences and the need to respond to them as individuals.

Diversity is a key issue across the globe.

Legal trends

Based on Article 13 of the so-called Amsterdam Treaty, the EU has adopted three comprehensive directives to combat discrimination on the ground of each of the six core dimensions of Diversity. These directives are being implemented by all 25 EU member states and provide a clear framework for employers.

Demographic Trends

People’s differences have already left their mark on society – more than we realise at first glance. The diversity of generations, cultures as well as gender relations continue to increase.

Cultural Trends

Values, attitudes, life styles and communication are being influenced by and influencing an atmosphere of increasing open-mindedness and individuality.

Government and society must seize the opportunity and make active use of these trends.

Societal Benefits

Diversity enables people who are different from each other to live side-by-side in mutual respect. Societal changes are accepted more positively. The greater good of society is given more importance by its members.

Civic Benefits

Citizens display a more positive attitude towards and trust in the local civic system. The region then becomes more attractive to leading individuals and companies.