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Diversity can be taken up by many people and applied in numerous ways

  • Politics
  • Education
  • The Media
  • NGOs
  • The Corporate World
  • The Academic World

The aim of Diversity is to enable your organisation or institution to realise its mission in a more effective and sustainable manner than would be possible without Diversity.

To lighten your workload, we have prepared a variety of materials for you to use. You can download these documents via our services and resources section.

State support for a diverse culture and society. For example through:

  • image campaigns
  • immigration laws
  • state-sponsored programmes
  • anti-discrimination and hate-crime laws
  • tax laws that treat all people equally fair
  • green card regulations and naturalisation laws that consciously foster diversity

Spreading knowledge and Diversity competencies. For example through the

  • development of curricula with multi-cultural content
  • elimination of gender specific educational methodologies
  • provision of cross-cultural learning experiences
  • increased access of diverse groups to education in all areas

Dissemination of information for diverse target groups, with bias-free messages. For example through

  • inclusive language
  • reports free of stereotypes
  • coverage of exclusive behaviour and discussion of the value of diversity
  • choice of protagonists from diverse backgrounds
  • broad selection of issues

Integrate Diversity and Individuality into your work. For example,

  • in grass-roots work and lobbying for associations
  • in the development of programmes and campaigns for foundations
  • in negotiations with labour unions
  • at conferences, in public relations work and at public forums and discussions
  • in all related issues: part-time work models, gender mainstreaming, migration, work with people with disabilities, the ageing of society

The extensive benefits of European Diversity for companies are detailed in the Companies section.

In the public context, Diversity offers companies the following additional opportunities: the use of diversity in both targeted and mass corporate communication; implementation of diversity measures within the framework of corporate social responsibility; lobbying for pro-diversity laws and regulations; research and PR via business associations.

The integration of Diversity and Individuality in research and teaching. For example, in

  • Term papers, thesis or dissertations
  • Part of Curricula for Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Education, Economics, Business and Management studies
  • Research
  • Practical Case Studies
  • International student and teacher exchanges