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Diversity means different things to different people

Perceptions of diversity vary in accordance with individual perspectives. See for yourself:

  • Individual Perspectives
  • The diversity of Diversity

Phenomenon Diversity

Diversity describes the reality that people are in many ways different - and in some ways similar. Thus, Diversity stands for individuality. ("diversity")

Attitude Open-mindedness

Diversity embodies our attitudes towards otherness and our awareness of the impact that being different has on our daily interactions. ("valuing diversity")

Core dimensions

There are six universally relevant and fundamental factors that people generally cannot change about themselves: ability/disability, age, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. These make up the core dimensions of any diversity initiative.

Additional dimensions

Your company or institution decides the importance it will give to additional diversity factors. Effective categories are: Organisation, Market & Consumption, Work & Employment and Personal & Lifestyle.