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Diversity is of vital importance to the entire economy

The issue diversity and individuality is the central challenge facing companies now and in the future. Our business case for managing diversity (Diversity) has three levels:

  • Diversity is a Key Issue
  • Diversity is a Necessity
  • Diversity is Beneficial
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The dominant issues in today’s economy are also issues of diversity:

European integration, globalisation, organisational change and complexity, corporate alliances and M&A, the focus on shareholder value (pressure on costs and productivity) as well as increased competition and the challenge of market differentiation – all of these issues are affected by people’s differences and the need to respond to them as individuals. What strategic importance does Diversity have for you?

Legal trends

Based on Article 13 of the so-called Amsterdam Treaty, the EU has adopted three comprehensive directives to combat discrimination on the ground of each of the six core dimensions of Diversity. These directives are being implemented by all 25 EU member states and provide a clear framework for employers.

Demographic Trends

People’s differences have already left their mark on the labour and consumer markets – more than we realise at first glance. The diversity of generations, cultures and inter-gender relations continue to increase.

Cultural Trends

Values, attitudes, life styles and communication are influenced by – and influencing – an atmosphere of increasing open-mindedness and individuality. To what extent does your company take advantage of these and other trends?

External Benefits

Managing diversity increases market share and customer intimacy. It improves stock performance and public image. Diversity also helps a company be more competitive in the labour market.

Internal Benefits

Diversity increases quantitative and qualitative productivity and decreases turnover and absenteeism. Cooperation within a company improves noticeably. Organisational changes are made more smoothly.